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Who is the community manager?

cm1The community manager is one of the most cited and requested professions in the last times, he  it is  the  person that  manages  the social channels directly. The community manager is the expert  to which the management in the sector of the communication and of the public on-line relations is entrusted. He has to understand the user’ needs  and translate  their  will  into tangible answers.

 The Community manager is a very precise figure even if it is difficult to frame it and to define it unequivocally.

Since it is difficult to say who  he is we can begin by say who  the community manager is not.

  • He is not the “digital handyman”

The community manager, as it has been said, is a community manager, and so for definition he cannot be other. If you are  social media strategist , you are not a community manager. If you are a SEO specialist or an on-line adv expert , you are not a community manager.

  • He isn’t a content manager

The really  community manager will follow your blog and certainly he will do the maximum to give his own contribution on the cause, however if he does his work well you will need less and less time to dedicate to the content creation. He will need a trustworthy right arm: the content manager.

  • He is not a social manager media

A community manager must absolutely follow  the sentiment of different  social channels, he must help the content team and the social media management for the strategic and planning phases.


 What is the role of the community manager?

The role of the  community manager implies mutual support with several teams of product, sales and marketing, customer care: a role across all of the areas that act as intermediary  between people, who are  truly interested in the values of your brand and the brand itself.


The community manager is a  figure that offers and needs support at the same time, people who  help him in the management of the community and help him keeping the community as a  place where members feel safe and free to express themselves, communicate, and collaborate in order to increase and develop a deeper bond with the brand.

The community manager is the face, the eyes, the voice and ears of a brand within a community.

cm2 Which objectives have the Community Manager?

the Community manager has the objective to define the “four  crafts to complete” that are:


  1. Marketing: the community manager must promote a brand, its goods and services.
  1. Public Relations: he must maintain and communicate the community particular attention to the most active users.
  1. Customer Services: he must ? to the members concerns, but  he must detect their expectations in advance.
  1. Commercial Development: he must locate and select suitable questions to  commercial optimization, and share them with the sales managers.

Where does the community manager  work  and how does he earn?

 As there is no specific training the community manager usually makes experience through an internship at an advertising agency or a company’s communication and marketing area.

When he has got enough experience the manager may also become a freelancer, collaborate with different companies, or stay in an agency as an employee.

At the beginning he can earn 1000euros but he can get to earn  more than 2000euros.

It is a profession in which grit and passion are needed.