Il Galilei partecipa al progetto “Foundations of European Culture after World War II”

II.SS. “Galileo Galilei” will take part in the International project on “Foundations of European Culture after World War II, which will involve Polish and Italian students.

This Project Transnational Mobility of Pupils is co-funded by the European Social Fund as part of the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development (OP KED).
It is closely related with the ideas of the European Union and young people will gain knowledge about political changes that shaped European culture after World War II. The European Union is built on common values and unites the member states in respect of democracy and human rights. Problems concerning these issues are a priority for EU action not only in terms of respecting fundamental rights and freedoms of its citizens but also in terms of democratization, support and striving for peace. It is precisely such values as respect for human dignity, freedom, the rule of law, freedom of speech, equality and respect for the rights of people belonging to minorities that constitute Europe as a refuge for peace and democracy.
Taking part in the project will offer opportunities to enhance key competences of pupils, such as language learning skills, learning how to learn, and other new competences indispensable for personal development, future employability and active European citizenship.
Project implementation will contribute to the development of key competences of primary and secondary school pupils, building understanding between pupils from different countries of the European Union, and strengthening cooperation as part of international school partnerships.

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